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The best bars and restaurants in Brooklyn!


110 North Main Street
Brooklyn, MI 49230
(517) 938-8733

There needs to be those places in your life where you can go and just let your hair down and be yourself. Well, if you are making a list of places like this, add 110 North Main Street to it. When the owners started Shady's, the whole point was to recreate the traditions of a public house or pub. This means to create an atmosphere where guests will feel comfortable and be able to have some fun while enjoying an assortment of microbrews and beverages. From what we have seen, Shady's has hit their mark.

Poppa's Place

208 South Main Street
Brooklyn, MI 49230
(517) 592-4625

On one hand, this is just a simple diner. On the other hand, everything is so tasty and of such high quality that we feel bad just calling it a simple diner. You truly haven't lived until you try their fish-fry Friday. You will have your pick of the absolutely most scrumptious whitefish, cod, salmon, perch, and tilapia just to name a few. The atmosphere at 208 South Main Street is very calming and the staff not only provides excellent service but they do it with a smile and in a very friendly way.

JR's Hometown Grill & Pub

11551 Brooklyn Road
Brooklyn, MI 49230
(517) 592-8030

Prime rib is the name of the game at 11551 Brooklyn Road. Cooked to your preference every time, you will be in heaven as you place each tasty morsel in your mouth. You will not want it to end. But alas, in case you are looking for something else, this place has an extensive menu that provides you with a wide variety of quality choices. They are always busy because they have what people want. They do have televisions for your viewing pleasure and the atmosphere is quite nice. Worth a visit for sure.

Jerry's Pub and Restaurant

650 Egan Highway
Brooklyn, MI 49230
(517) 467-4700

We don't want to discourage you from visiting this place at any other time, but if you check 650 Egan Highway when the weather is decent, you will absolutely love the views of the lake from the deck. There isn't a bad item on their menu, but if you want to know what they specialize in, check out their prime rib. They also offer a full bar that will not disappoint and everything will be served to you by staff members that really car about making your stay as enjoyable as possible.

Cherry Creek Cellars

11000 Silver Lake Highway
Brooklyn, MI 49230

You know that somebody must know their business after doing it for over 100 years and four generations. And that is certainly the case at 11000 Silver Lake Highway. In the same family hands for all of that time, this is a special destination for wine lovers. The venue is an historic 1870 schoolhouse. Inside, sample the award winning wines as well as some freshly made butter fudge and Michigan Cherry Preserves. You can even leave with a special gift basket of your own making. We know your stay will be enjoyable.

Clark Lake Golf Course

5535 Wesch Road
Brooklyn, MI 49230
(517) 592-6259

Let's face it, you just can't beat the scenery or the cuisine at Clark Lake Golf Course and Dominick's Restaurant . The food is phenomenal and what an assortment there is on the menu. Everything from pizza to burgers to Mexican to seafood and more. Being where it is you might think that the prices are going to be through the roof but that is not the case. You will feel like you are getting very good value. The interior is also very attractive as it has exposed wooden beams. The staff aims to please. If you live close, you will want to make 5535 Wesch Road a regular stop.