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The best bars and restaurants in Williamston!

Red Cedar Grill

150 East Grand River Avenue
Williamston, MI 48895
(517) 655-3766

Even their motto invites you in: big city tastes in a small town. Located in the heart of the beautiful little town of Williamston at 150 East Grand River Avenue, their menu offers the very best in American style cuisine. This is the kind of place where you will really be taking a chance because they are taking a chance on you. The presentation is absolutely eye-catching as well. You will love the service staff as they are very friendly and attentive to your ever need. There is absolutely nothing lacking in this dining experience.

Tavern 109

115 East Grand River Avenue
Williamston, MI 48895
(517) 655-2100

This is where great food meets charming ambiance. The folks at 115 East Grand River Avenue will offer you an absolutely extraordinary dining experience. The beauty of the d├ęcor will astound you as it is located in a restored turn of the century building. Along with very tasty and quality food this place offers an old fashioned tavern-style bar with 12 craft brews on tap. You will find your experience here to be one of the most satisfying you will ever have anywhere.

Gracie's Place Bistro

151 South Putnam Street
Williamston, MI 48895
(517) 655-1100

Are you ready for some culinary delights? Well, then you will want to speed over to 151 South Putnam Street. This place is what could best be classified as true farm-to-table freshness. The owners and staff truly believe that meals should be made from scratch. A lot of people talk about providing quality to their customers but this place truly is committed to the best service, food and atmosphere. It does not take long for that to show. Our suggestion is that you find out for yourself very soon.

Riverhouse Inn

310 West Grand River Avenue
Williamston, MI 48895
(517) 655-4300

You probably wouldn't think it was possible in a small town but there is an establishment here that serves some of the finest food you will find anywhere. We are sure that the chef who works at 310 West Grand River Avenue could be working in New York City, that is how good the cuisine is. One of their signature dishes is the butternut lasagna. Besides the great food and drinks something else you will notice is how polished the service staff is. It is their absolute goal to make sure that you are well taken care of.

CB's Bucket Bar & Grille

132 West Grand River Avenue
Williamston, MI 48895
(517) 992-5060

It is not every day that you will hear someone raving about fish tacos but the ones they serve at 132 West Grand River Avenue are so amazing that we just have to comment on them. But really, the chef prepares everything on the menu really well. We highly recommend that you start your experience by sipping on a margarita. They are really well prepared. One more thing, if you decide against the fish tacos on your first visit, try one of their bar burgers, we guarantee that it will not disappoint.

Spag's Bar and Grill

1286 East Grand River Road
Williamston, MI 48895
(517) 655-4888

Take our advice, if you stop at 1286 East Grand River Road, order their pizza. It has won numerous awards and if possibly the tastiest and highest quality pizza in the state of Michigan. The atmosphere is very family friendly. One of the additional positives about this place is how large it is. You definitely will never feel like you are being squeezed out in any way. If you want to take in a sports event, no problem, they have what seems like hundreds of high definition televisions. There are some other entertainment options as well, take it from us, it will be a great time had by all.