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The best Bachelor Party Transportation in Lansing!

The infamous bachelor party, every cliché in the book could be said about it. Some people say boys will be boys or men will be men. And this is their chance to prove that adage is true. There are so many opportunities in the Lansing area to do a wide variety of activities at various venues. There really is no limit to the possibilities in this area. If you are the best man, you want this to be a night to remember for sure. You could just let the night play out almost like you are freelancing, but if you get a group of any size together at all, it is sometimes best to plan because then you eliminate the back and forth about what everybody thinks you should do.

One thing you definitely want to get right is the guest list. Make sure the groom is involved in this step. Have him either help build the list or at least scan the list and say yes or no to each name. Most of the time females are not invited unless they are there to perform. But if you want to invite a few fun females that have been friends for awhile, make sure they are not good friends with the bride to be. Once the list is finalized, make an itinerary. Do things that you know the groom will enjoy. If you know he likes gentleman's clubs, then put a couple different ones on the list. If this isn't something he is into, don't force the issue. Maybe he is a more active person, try a round of 9 holes of gold and then a nice restaurant. Basically, tailor the activities and the whole party to the groom having a blast at what he loves to do.

Much of the party has to do with bonding. You want there to be a great camaraderie while everything is going on. A great way to make sure that happens is by renting a party bus from Limousine Lansing. One of our vehicles will help keep the group together for the entire evening. This way, everyone doesn't have to break up after one of the destinations and head to their individual cars and then meet back up at the next place. There are a few negatives associated with this way of doing things. Depending on the time of day and if you are heading to a congested part of the Lansing area, you don't want your group spending a lot of time fighting traffic and searching for parking spots. We all know how irritating that can be and it can certainly ruin the mood of the party goers. By hiring a professional transportation service like ours, you won't have to worry about any of this. And another thing you won't have to worry about is anyone drinking and driving. That means no DUIs and no one getting hurt. Our professional chauffeurs will safely escort you and your friends anywhere you want to go. If you are looking for suggestions, our experienced drivers know all of the great spots around Lansing.

We mentioned camaraderie before, here is where that really kicks in. Your time spent on the party bus will not be just sitting around twiddling your thumbs. There are so many great features to enjoy and they were all made for an event like this. We know the guys will want to have some tunes flowing and on the party bus, that will be no problem as we have installed a concert quality sound system with subwoofers. The system has CD/iPod/MP3 inputs so it will be your music playing, not ours. There are also large high definition flat screen televisions with DVD players. If the guys want to go in together and hire a little bit of professional entertainment, the party bus has a hardwood dancing floor complete with dancing pole. In terms of drinking which we know your group will want to partake in, there are bar areas with built-in coolers with ice. These can be stocked with your beverages of choice. And just so you know you don't have to stand the entire time, we have installed very comfortable leather wraparound seating. Throw in some LED color changing lighting on the interior and exterior and its party time.

We hope you are convinced that a party bus is perfect for the bachelor party that you are planning. If you have questions or concerns, please call our affable customer service agents. They can educate you on all things party bus and walk you through the painless and easy booking project. We hope to hear from you very soon.