Limousines Lansing


If you have more questions than those we've listed here, give us a call!

If this is your first time checking into a party bus, there is no doubt that you must have questions or concerns. We would be surprised if you did not. We are here to help you by providing answers. On this page, we have listed some of the most common questions asked by potential customers. Feel free to peruse the list and hopefully most or all of your questions or concerns will be answered. If not, please feel free to call our courteous customer service agents who will be more than happy to speak with you about anything and everything related to party buses. Our agents are well trained and will treat you with the utmost respect. Feel free to call our office anytime day or night, 365 days a year. We look forward to hearing from you.

Q. Can I drink on the bus?

As long as you are of legal drinking age you are permitted to drink alcohol on our vehicles. Please note, Limousines Lansing cannot provide alcohol.

Q. I know your service must be pricey, do you ever offer any discounts or special rates?

We offer very competitive rates. We believe in letting the market set our pricing. If for whatever reason, our costs go down, we believe in passing our savings onto you, our valuable customer. In terms of discounts, we offer a wedding package special so please ask us about that when you call us.

Q. I am interested in renting one of your party buses, can you tell me how much it will cost or at least a ballpark figure?

It is hard for us to say how much a vehicle will cost you because there are many different variables that affect the price. Your date and time of service, the size party bus you rent, and how long you keep the vehicle are all factors that need to be taken into account in order to provide you with an accurate price. Our courteous customer service representatives will be able to provide you with a price based on the information you give them. And one promise we make is that the price we quote includes everything, there are no hidden fees.

Q. Can I smoke on the bus?

No, Limousines Lansing does not permit any smoking on our vehicles. However, we do allow unlimited stops so you can take a smoke break as often as needed!

Q. If I call the week before my event, is that enough time to book one of your party buses?

Keep in mind that our business is on a first come first serve basis. In order to give yourself the best chance of renting the party bus that is perfect for your event, you should call us as soon as you know your date and time of service and the number in your group.

Q. I have been looking at your vehicles and I am not sure how to determine which one is perfect for the event I am planning. How do I make that decision?

There are a few factors that determine which party bus is best for your situation. Your best option is to call our friendly customer service representatives and talk to them about your needs. If you can provide our agents with your group size, what kind of event you are having, and your date and time of service, then they will be able to walk you through the decision process.

Q. Is there a minimum time I have to rent one of your party buses for or is it open ended?

It really depends on what kind of event you are renting one of our party buses for. If you are renting a party bus for a wedding, we do have a 3.5 hour package available to you. For any other kind of event, we require a 6 hour minimum rental time. You don't have to keep your rented vehicle for that length of time if you finish early, but you are responsible for paying for 6 hours.

Q. What if I need the vehicle longer than scheduled?

No problem - Overtime is charged in 15 minute increments at the same hourly rate stated in your rental agreement!

Q. Is there a bathroom available on the party buses?

No, our party buses do not have bathrooms, but we allow unlimited stops so you can have your driver stop anytime anyone in your group needs to.

Q. I know I have an itinerary of places we want to visit, but are we confined to that list once we turn it in?

No, we are very flexible in this regard. If you want to only visit the locations on the itinerary you provide us, you are certainly free to do so. But, if you think of a place or see somewhere you would like to stop while on your party bus, just mention it to your driver. We want you to be happy with everything about your trip so we are very open to any stops you want to make whether scheduled or unscheduled.

Q. Are we limited in how far we can travel from our starting point?

No, our motto is unlimited stops, unlimited miles.

Q. What form of payment can I use to rent a party bus?

We accept a credit/debit card, a traveler's check, a pre-approved bank check, or cash to the driver on the date of service.

Q. Are there any seasons or times of the year where you are not operating?

No, we are available and ready to serve 365 days a year.

Q. Can we bring food onto the party bus that we rent?

Yes, feel free to do so. Please know that you and your group are responsible for minimal clean-up as excessive messes can cause you to be charged an extra fee.

Q. Is tipping included in the price I was quoted or will our chauffeur be expecting a tip at then end of our rental time?

A minimal gratuity is figured into your bottom line price so you do not have to tip your driver unless you fell it is necessary.

Q. How do I go about reserving a party bus?

We require a deposit via a credit or debit card. Just call one of our friendly customer service agents to get the booking process started.

Q. If I read your contract, will I find hidden fees that you did not tell me about?

No, we do not believe in the practice of hidden fees. To treat a customer like that is to show a total disrespect for them and we have chosen to be a business built on integrity.

Q. Where does Limousines Lansing service?

Limousines Lansing services all of Michigan. To view a list of some of the cities we service, please visit our service area page.

Q. How many stops can we make?

You can make as many or as few stops as you'd like. Your rental includes unlimited stops and unlimited mileage.

Q. My question is not on this list, is there somewhere else I can go to get answers?

Yes, please feel free to call our affable customer service agents anytime day or night and they will be more than happy to help you with any questions or concerns you have.