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Incredible College Graduation Transportation in Lansing!

The big day is almost here. You can't believe it. Four years or maybe five of slaving away at the books at Michigan State University and you are ready to walk across that stage and receive your diploma signifying all of that hard work you have put in. You are now ready to enter the the real world and start making your first million. While you are excited on one hand, graduating will also be bittersweet. You have made a lot of friends during your college days and you want to stay close, but you also know your close knit group is dispersing to places all over the country so staying in touch will be a challenge. So, as one last hoorah, it would be great to have one last blowout on graduation day before everyone goes their separate ways. Ideally, it would be great if everyone could spend the whole evening together after walking across the stage. You could visit locations that have become like a second home to everyone.

We not only think, but we know that we have just the thing for such a night of celebration and saying goodbye. Consider renting a mode of transportation called a party bus. It will pick everyone up at a location of your choosing and will allow the group to stay together the entire evening as everyone travels from destination to destination. Just think about what this would mean for your night out. There will be no need to carpool in several cars and meet up at each location. That also means there will be no need for designated drivers. There won't be a need to fight traffic or search in vain for a parking spot. And think about it, no worries about a DUI or worse, someone in your group getting hurt from drinking and driving. Our vehicles are operated by very experienced and certified drivers who know the roads about the Lansing area very well. The also have GPS just in case.

So, make a list of everyone's favorite places as an itinerary and think about including one of our party buses as part of your evening. The party never has to end. After you walk across the stage and receive your diploma, get ready for the time of your life. Your night on one of our party buses starts with style and ambiance. Our vehicles are outfitted with LED color changing mood lighting on the walls, ceiling, steps, and coolers. This sets the tone. There are bar areas with built-in coolers filled with ice. You are free to fill the coolers with your favorite cold drinks and yes, it is alright to drink on the party bus while it is en route to each stop. If everyone wants to unwind after such a celebratory day, they can sachet out onto the customized hardwood dance floor which also has a dancing pole. Think of the fun times everyone will have trying out their signature moves and trying to stay upright on the pole. Of course, the group is going to need something to dance to so we have equipped our party buses with premium concert quality sound systems with sub-woofers and CD/iPod/MP3 inputs. You can chill out by enjoying the very comfortable and luxurious wraparound seating. The beauty of the seating is its design which is great for group conversations or one on one private talks. If you have some memories you would like to bring and show the rest of the group, we are ready because there are high definition flat screen televisions with DVD capabilities. You can see why a party bus will be able to give your group a night to remember. As you take a ride through memory lane and enjoy all of your old haunts, everyone will continue the good times on your very own party on wheels.

So, where does this leave you? Ready to make a phone call to one of our courteous customer service representative. All of our agents are highly trained and ready to answer any questions or concerns you might have. We believe that your satisfaction is our number one mission. We don't believe in overselling our service so you will never be fitted into a vehicle that you don't need. It is being disingenuous for you to tell us you have 15 people in your group and for us to rent a bus for 30 to you. Also, you will never find any hidden fees, we don't believe in them. What we tell you upfront is the bottom line. So, call us as soon as you know your graduation date so we can be a huge party of your celebration.